Ricoh GR
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Ricoh GR: DXO results

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Well the results are out, pretty fast I must say. DXO just released a comparison between the GR and the Coolpix A and my hunch was proved to be correct. The GR is sharper across the frame with slightly lower ISO than the Nikon.

In fact, the difference of 2 DxOMark points is not discernible in final images so these two can be said to have essentially the same image quality.

So here’s my visual response to the DXO report.

How do you like them apples ― Booyah


  1. Beautiful model, excellent quality image. This was taken with the DXO? Was it edited at all? Is that camera an SLR? I dab in a little photography as a hobby (purely amateur), and I really need a good SLR for a reasonable price since I’m not actually making money off of my photos.

  2. Streetshooter says

    Jorge, ya know I got nuttin’ but love for ya. Ya know I read your stuff because you have an innocent approach to things.

    As far as the Gr goes…… If you got her to sit for you and she’s smiling at the camera…the GR is a great camera.
    You didn’t think she was smiling at you did you……awwwww

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