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Versailles Cuban Cuisine

I’m sure New York city, Chicago, Dallas, and many other major [and minor] cities have their premiere political spot. Its the place where all politicians usually make a pit stop or two, or even three. Down here its called Versailles, an old Cuban restaurant, founded in 1971 by an exiled immigrant from Cuba. They sell the typical Cuban pastries ― pastelitos, croquetas, empanadas, tequenos, you name it, its available. Oh, I almost forgot, the famous Cuban “cafecito”, well brewed here almost by the minute. If you visit Miami, then you owe it to yourself to make a pit stop at Versailles and enjoy a wonderful Cuban meal. You never know, you just might run into a Congressman or famous movie star while you have lunch or dinner.
All photographs by Jorge Ledesma ― click on the images to view the gallery

The camera doesn’t matter, they’re just tools, I’ve said that before and I’ll continue to hammer it in. Just pick a tool which lets you work the way you want to, and be happy and fire that shutter. I could have gone black and white here but I thought that color represented what I wanted you to take out of this set ― the sign is truly unforgettable, if you drive by “Calle Ocho” you’ll remember what I’m saying. Cheers.

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