Month: June 2013

Pentax K5 IIs: Street Photography, a word or two

This is a response to a few emails I’ve received in the past few weeks. The question can be summarized in the following statement: What’s your style of street photography, your subjects don’t seem to know they are your subjects and what techniques are you using. Well, let me try to elucidate a few points with some images. First, like Ansel Adams once said, “there are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs.” This my friends is a very salient point. An image is either part of a story or the story in and of itself, and for me, its really that simple. Why bother with all the philosophical aspects of this or that. There is nothing wrong with that if you want to go that route but don’t try to espouse to others like some bloggers do. The question is “do you like the image you made?”, and like Daido Moriyama says, “are you pouring your soul into processing.” These are the two questions that rule my modus operandi when I …

Pentax K5 IIs: America the Resilient

The United States has historically been a nation with great resilience being this one of its greatest national strengths. It is this resilience that will help the recent victims of the great state of Oklahoma. Bouncing back after a natural disaster is no easy task but with the help from our fellow Americans and the vigor from the wonderful folks of a city that simply won’t accept to be put down. I’m sure they’ll be back soon and continue trucking. This images are a tribute to the victims of the recent tornadoes, they may be gone, but certainly not forgotten. America stands behind you Oklahoma! “Resilience is not a commodity you are born with, waiting silently on tap. It is self-manufactured painstakingly over time by working through your problems and never giving up, even in the face of difficulty or failure.” ― Lori Myers A collage by Jorge Ledesma ― Pentax K5 IIs ― Pentax SMC-FA 31mm f/1.8 AL Limited

Meeting Dale

When it comes to street photography there are many choices out in today’s market. Remember there is no right or wrong. These cameras are just tools towards fulfilling our vision. Today, I took the Pentax K5 IIs to the streets of Downtown Miami where there are a multitude of worthy photographic scenes. The K5 performed flawlessly. The fact that it doesn’t have a Anti Alias filter I think brings a lot to the table. Images are sharp, crisp, and in my opinion, they have that full frame look, you know, that richness of the frame. Pentax got it right with the K5 IIS, the buttons are perfectly laid out, the grip is very ergonomic and just feels great despite this camera weighing in a little more than one may be used to from a different manufacturer. Exposure compensation and ISO have dedicated buttons right next to each other thus complementing, in my opinion, the two most used options in any camera. Photoessay “Meeting Dale” Here’s a photoessay “Meeting Dale” where I had a chance to …

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The Ricoh GR and the Pentax K5 IIS a synergy at its best

The Ricoh GR is undoubtedly the world’s premiere aps-c compact camera. In my humble opinion, nothing comes close because this little black jewel is a total package.  Remember, these types of scenarios are subjective but I believe I can quantitatively make the case for my assertion. What happens when a company has the vision to create a product with the level of synergism that Pentax-Ricoh has created with the Ricoh GR and now what’s arguably the best aps-c sensor camera in a dslr body, the Pentax K5 IIs, what do you call that? I tell you what I call it ―  a perfect mutualistic relationship. A mutualistic relationship is defined as follows: when two organisms of different species “work together,” each benefiting from the relationship. You see the Ricoh GR can do things that the K5 IIs can not and vice versa, but herein lies the beauty of their relationship because they both work from their uniqueness to create what I call ― the one-two punch, driving blows to expand ones creativity to whole a …