There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered ― Nelson Mandela

Isn’t that something huh, often times we photograph the same places, the same faces, and although those themes may be unchanged or appear not to have changed, only then do we realize that our vision has changed over time. Its an evolution folks, so take it slow, breath, slow down that shutter and enjoy those frames for what they are ― glimpses of our past.

With that said, I’ll be going on a brief sabbatical. I’ll catch up with the various comments that have been left already and continue to curate the site behind the scenes (the power of mobile). I’m going into the “darkroom” and coming out a new man. Exciting times indeed I tell you. See you in a couple of weeks. Upon my return I’ll publish my Final impressions of the Ricoh GR” so stay tuned.

All photographs by Jorge Ledesma ― Pentax K5 IIs & 100mm 2.8 WR processed with a forked preset of Really Nice Images.