Month: August 2013

Going back to our roots – Fuji XE1

A few days ago I tweeted that I had gotten an idea for a post. It dawned on me that back when I shot film I was never worried about a color palette. I shot Kodak TRI-X 400 on a Canon F1 and that’s about it. My only concern was composition and doing my thing in the darkroom and printing process. Yes, I dodged and burned but that was about it. I never uploaded to the web, I mean it was 1994. Fast forward to today and all of a sudden we are faced with a multitude of things: camera model, full frame, aps-c, m43, high ISO, raw vs jpeg, lightroom, photoshop, ACR, and the list goes on. Isn’t that quite a list? I think so. Then all of a sudden Fuji comes out with the X-Series cameras and takes us back to our roots of film shooting in classic 35mm format. Simple dials, simple controls, aperture rings on lenses, classic aesthetics, and all with an immense IQ punch rivaling full frame goodness. With that said, …

Billingham Hadley

I‘m confessing to a recent addiction I just acquired ― CBAS. CBAS stands for ‘camera bag acquisition syndrome.’ To be honest, there are no perfect bags but some of them are quite nice in daily use. A review is forthcoming. Update the review has been published The Billingham Hadley Small Review and Fuji XE1

Desperately seeking color

When a close relative of yours is slowly dying its extremely difficult to seek shadows and darkness in images although they sometimes creep in to reflect your mood. Photography for me is a very emotional art and the play of color & black and white is at a constant struggle. These days I desperately seeking colors to bring some happiness to a sad moment that I know is slowly approaching ― only God knows when but its difficult and exhausting emotionally and I only pray that he doesn’t suffer. With this post, I officially start my weekly photography project once again which truly connects me with what this blog is all about ― storytelling, discoveries, light, and the things we learn along the way.   All images shot with the XE1 & XF 18-55mm and processed with Vscofilm 04

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The Ultimate half case for the Ricoh GR by Gariz

When it comes to caring for your loved one, in this case the Ricoh GR, the choices are plentiful but only one truly stands out for their level of workmanship and attention to detail in this range of compact cameras ― the Gariz Ricoh GR half case. When it arrived, I immediately ripped the box open as the anticipation was flat out killing me. Everything about this brand and case just exudes quality.  As I first glanced over the half case I was completely awe stricken, its was absolutely beautiful and match my custom red ring GR to perfection. The quality of the leather and stitching is quite obvious its very high quality. It feels soft to touch like a nice pair of Ferragamo and something you must experience for yourself. The images I’m about to display don’t do justice to how nice and comfortable this half case truly is. From an operational standpoint, the Ricoh GR Gariz half case can qualifies as above average. It doesn’t add considerable bulk to the GR and adds a nice …

Ricoh GR: The Power of RAW

The Ricoh GR files are amazing. Malleable and able to handle some heavy manipulation. Here’s a before and after processed with VSCO 04, the accompanying tool kit, and a few adjustment brushes. For street photography the Ricoh GR alongside VSCO 04 and the toolkit is simply a great combination. Notice the skin tones and how life like they look. This scene was exactly what I envisioned when I clicked the shutter.

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Fuji XE1 Street Photography and the XF 18-55mm

Street photography is often times related to having a small pancake attached to your camera in order to be more inconspicuous when your out and about and I tend agree with this feeling but its not necessarily so. Its more about how you feel with your camera, its about the way you photograph and frame your subjects. Follow this advice, and in time as you practice I’m sure your street photography will improve. Photographic opportunities are everywhere you just need an observant eye and coupled with the Fujinon XF 18-55mm many things are possible. The XF18-55mm acts like a Swiss Army knife for me: its versatile, its extremely sharp at all focal lengths, its dead silent, zero zoom creep, and best of all its got incredible image stabilization. If you own a Fujifilm interchangeable X series camera, its a worthy addition to your kit. Later on down the road, I’m looking to add the XF 55-200mm as I’m sure its another jewel.   Image shot with the XE1 & XF 18-55mm and processed in Silver …

Photo Mechanic 5 Review, Camerabits, Lightroom Review, Fuji XE1, Fuji Xpro1

From Photo Mechanic 5 to Lightroom

Over the course of a few months I’ve been tweeting I was going to share my digital workflow. This of course serves as a brainstorm for me to perhaps tighten in a few bolts in the process and perhaps enlighten others in a different way. A photographer workflow is much like anyone’s morning routine on the way work. You wake up, you brush your teeth or perhaps eat first, then brush your teeth, and so forth and in what seems like a split second your keys are in your vehicle and you’re out the door onto a new day.

German Luxury meets the Fuji XE1

Photo walks for me are a must. If I don’t press the shutter in a couple of days, I start having withdrawal symptoms, and to be honest, pressing the shutter on the Fuji XE1 is to much fun. I got a black soft button which fits like a glove from an Ebay vendor and I can wholeheartedly recommend you add one to your Fuji X cameras, its such a better tactile feeling. Here are a few from yesterday afternoon while walking in the Gables.