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The Fuji X-E1 sliding into a new beginning

Framing with a viewfinder that gives you a direct look at the sensor is truly a gift of modern times. I had my first experience with these cameras back when I shot Micro Four Thirds a couple of years ago. I then transitioned to various dslrs kit for their image quality ranging from Canon to Nikon and most recently with Pentax. All great systems without a doubt and they helped create my vision in their respective times but I always had a soft spot to composing my images and knowing exactly what they would look like through the viewfinder. Its such a liberating feeling ― seeing, adjusting, and capturing. The Fuji XE1 married to the HG-XE1 grip has managed to capture my imagination once again and rekindled those feelings I had a few years ago. I decided to start my Fuji lens kit with the amazing Fujinon XF 18-55mm f/2.8-4 R LM OIS for its wonderful versatility providing me with a field of view of 28-85 mm (full format equivalent), its sharp as a razor in at all focal lengths, its 7 circular aperture blades which gives a very sweet and even bokeh, and lastly, for its incredible 4 stop image stabilization system which I now believe in and heavily rely on, its the real deal folks.

Speaking of high ISO, I must say the hype is real and holy molly its truly unbelievable and something you really have to experience for yourself to really grasp the depth of these files. I recently went to the Slava Snowshow and I got to put the new kit through its paces under very very difficult lighting conditions and the results were nothing short of impressive ― to be honest, mind boggling, such is the output of the famed x-trans sensor.


All images shot with the Fuji XE1 and processed with the new VSCO 04


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  2. Brilliant shots, Jorge! I especially like those beautiful skin tones. I have X-Pro1 and have been thinking to purchase 18-55 zoom as a travel lens. Would be nice for that purpose.

  3. It’s a wonderful camera Jorge. The files are incredible. I have been using it almost exclusively, but my little GR has been winning my heart lately. These two cameras together make a great walk-around kit!

    • Keith we’re in the same boat lol but I’m having more fun with the XE1 as of late. I’m constantly floored with the output.

  4. I noticed you tagged this post as VSCO. May I ask what influenced your choice of VSCO, as opposed to Truegrain that you wrote about before?

    • No influence, I just liked what VSCO has done with 04 and 02. True Grain is still an amazing application alongside the others. Its all part of a digital darkroom.

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