Fujifilm X-Series, Street Photography
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VSCO 04 Street Photography and the Fuji XE1

VSCO 04 is revolutionizing my workflow, not only because of the great presets, but also the wonderful accompanying tool kits that are included. For this candid, I used Agfa Scala 200 Contrast ++ as a starting point. The good folks at VSCO recommend adjusting the exposure and the white balance and then apply the preset of choice ― sage advice and one I always follow. So from the Agfa Scala 200 Contrast ++ preset, I then played with a few sliders in the Black & White Mix block, added a slight curve, increased my black point with the tool kit and added a little grain.

Processing time, 30 seconds, saving the new forked preset 4 seconds, uploading a post from Lightroom directly to the Blog via the LR/Blog plugin 15 seconds, coming to a look I find pleasing for street photography in less than a minute ― priceless. Thanks VSCO!

Update: This image got Flickr Explored !!

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“Riding” ― Fuji XE1/ XF 18-55mm at 24mm, 1/70, f/5.6, ISO 1000


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