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Billingham Hadley

I‘m confessing to a recent addiction I just acquired ― CBAS. CBAS stands for ‘camera bag acquisition syndrome.’ To be honest, there are no perfect bags but some of them are quite nice in daily use. A review is forthcoming.

Update the review has been published The Billingham Hadley Small Review and Fuji XE1

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  1. cprimages says

    I have a Hadley Pro and love it more every day as like an old pair of jeans it becomes part of my life and steadily more comfortable. I’m constantly amazed at how much gear I can squeeze into such a small and compact space. Since moving to the Fuji X from pro DSLR’s I’ve needed to find more compact luggage and this fits the bill perfectly. My next purchase will be either a Hadley Small or the ONA Bowery which I recommend you take a look at.

    • The Hadley Pro seems like a jewel. So far, I’m loving the Hadley Small, its so versatile, and love it when I need a bag to look the part. I’m always espousing that there are different bags for different purposes. In some areas of Miami I prefer my Retrospective 5 or even the Urban Disguise 35, other times, the Hadley Small, although I must admit sometimes I wish I had the Hadley Pro. Have you seen the Fogg bags, these look to be quite a series as well.

  2. I can’t help but think of this photographer I knew many years ago. He is a prominent stock shooter. He always carried his Hadley to hold his Leica, his “art” camera. “I use my Nikons for my commercial work and my Leicas for my art.” Truth be told, his attitude always made me want t I puke. To this day, he is still so full if himself. And because of him, unfortunately, I could never own a Hadley .

    • Keith don’t let a ghost keep you out of a Hadley. I can tell you’re a different kind of fellow than the one you speak of, forget that. Cheers.

    • The Billingham series is just about right. I just got mine so I have to put it through its paces and compare with my Retrospective 5. I just go the Retrospective 30 as well for what you’re using your Hadley Pro. Its all a compromise but I’ll expand in detail my observations.

      Wotancraft, yikes, very expensive! I wonder how they feel though.

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