Month: November 2013

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The Moment always Wins

As photographers we’re trained to always look for the perfect exposure. Dial in your ISO, your shutter speed, get your aperture right where you want and perhaps dial in some neg exposure compensation and voila the perfect image. Not in a million years. Who wrote the “Declaration of Photography” and show me where it says the you all your images must always be perfect to be a great image. A few moments ago, I was listening to one my favorite wedding photographers, Kevin Mullins (stay to tuned for his upcoming “Rig”) on his recent visit to the Fujifilm headquarters where he gave a presentation on his use of the Fuji X series camera and lenses. If you have not had a listen, then by all means bookmark it and listen attentively. Kevin was talking about a quote from Don McCullin one the greatest living documentary photographers that says: Photography for me is not looking, it’s feeling. If you can’t feel what you’re looking at, then you’re never going to get others to feel anything when …

The Rig: Bert Stephani

Who are you and what’s your profession My name is Bert Stephani and I’m a professional photographer from Belgium. That’s a tiny country in the middle of Europe famous for it’s beer, chocolate and for inventing fries. The French stole the fries from us, but it should actually be “Belgian fries“. As a photographer I specialize in not being specialized. But I’m always interested in people, so most of my work is centered around portraiture and reportage/documentary. I’m a story teller and feel equally at home telling the stories of private, commercial, editorial or corporate clients. I also get a lot of satisfaction out of sharing my knowledge with other photographers through blogging, workshops and lectures. My family is my biggest joy and inspiration. My lovely wife Stacy keeps my feet firmly on the ground and I deeply respect her ability to live with someone with a chaotic creative brain. My three kids Kobe (10), Maya (9) and Noa (6) mean the world to me and teach me valuable lessons every day on how to …

Weekly Roundup

Just catching up with my twitter and feedly stream this week and I’ve found a few golden nuts. First, an amazing interview of X Photographer, Kevin Mullins, by Focal that’s a must read. Second, one of my favorite photographers Jim Radcliffe just got a hold of his new camera, the Fuji X-E2, and as usual his results are outstanding. Warning prepare to be amazed. If number one and two wasn’t enough for you, then watch out for number three. Folks, Patrick LaRoque (another X photographer) has produced an ebook titled 1Eye, Roaming, which highlights the beginning of his journey with the famed Fuji X100 and how things changed after that experience. How do you like them apples ah, pretty sweet if you ask me. And lastly, Damien Lovegrove is at it again he also got a hold of a Fuji X-E2 and has done some wonderful work in the studio with it. So there you have it folks, a few nuggets to carry you through the “Thanksgiving” holiday.

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Fujifilm X Series Magazine

Well this is kind of cool and forward thinking on  Fujifilm’s behalf, a free digital magazine for X series owners, with interviews, tips, submissions, and more. I know that for your average photo geek this is ok but I’m sure for lots regular users of X series cameras this will serve a springboard towards other types of media. The content seemed varied and generally instructive in nature. I tried it on my iPhone and found it kind of buggy so I hope Fuji fixes it soon.

The Rig: Riley Joseph

Who are you and what’s your profession? I’m Riley and my profession is being a photographer & a gentleman. While photography is a large part of my professional life I also do side work managing social media for organizations as well as a writing creative. I married my dream girl in 2011 and we live in Southern Alberta with our year old cockapoo Ruby. My hobby, shockingly, is also photography. But it is just for me then. And that is what I typically share on my social media, tumblr, blog and the like. In the spring I was invited by famed FujiGuy, Billy, into the stable of Fujifilm X-Photographers. With this I am given the opportunity to try out knew Fuji products before they hit the streets and give my input to Fuji on how to make their products better. And by better I of course mean exactly how I want them to be. I like anything made of leather, wood, fine brass or a mixture of all three. What’s your rig? In the summer …

Towards Recovery

It was a typical Wednesday morning until I received that call. About 10:43am my iPhone rang. It was my mother calling to notify me that that my father had to stay at the hospital and have a neurosurgery consult. I was instantly shocked with disbelief as my father is as healthy as a horse. He’s 69 years old but he’s the kind of man that hasn’t slowed despite having been retired since 65. It turns out my father had been having some slight headaches on the right side of his head for the last few months and he really didn’t think much of them. As a family, we were all going through a trying time as my uncle, my father’s younger brother, had been battling cancer for about a year already and he simply attributed the headaches to stress. But my mother, always one to be top of things had requested a doctor’s appointment so that my father would go and get an MRI. To the surprise of everyone, the radiologist that interpreted the MRI …

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The One that I love

To me this special lady means the world to me and even though we’re not technically married we’re life partners for sure, she’s my soul mate. I love you Isa. On the technical side of things I must say I really love the XF 35mm its a jack of all trades and master of many. A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person – Mignon McLaughlin     Images captured with the Fuji XE1 and Fujinon XF 35mm with the Rebecca Lily Pro Set II