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OVF Magic with the X-Pro 1 & X100

I recently joined the OVF side of Fuji Xseries cameras and this post clarified a lot of my questions. Just when I was looking for answers this post popped out. Its a two part series so be sure to follow with the next one once your there.

I shoot fujifilm exclusively; I use two X-Pro 1’s and a X100s for my wedding work and travels. This set up works for me, however there was a learning curve involved, as the concept of these X-Series cameras were different from the D-SLR’s that I was used to. The biggest challenge I faced was learning how these cameras acquired focus, I spent hours online seeking relevant information and even more time applying what I read and testing things out.

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    • Jorge Ledesma says

      Its the parallax issue but I got used to it in a day on the X100 LE.

    • Stephen McCullough says

      I’m a little surprised that it’s difficult to understand why this is an issue. Most people won’t be familiar with parallax. On top of that no one could have been familiar with the way the OVF AF because it has never been done this way before. Fujis approach is unique.

      A few hours of use and not only had I mastered it, but I love it. Some may require more explanation. That’s fine.

      By the way this article was up a while ago. The one following it is even better.

      • Jorge Ledesma says

        I here you, I”m completely at ease with the X100’s OVF, its actually my preferred way of shooting. I’m waiting on the X-Pro 1 but I suspected will be my favorite as well. If the post office lady would just get here now. I’m expecting it later this afternoon, well, I’m crossing my fingers.

        Thanks, I didn’t know, I just googled around and came up with the link and wanted to share it. Thanks for chiming in Stephen!

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