Fuji X-Pro 1, Street Photography
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Fuji X-Pro 1 a Classic

As Fujifilm announced the lens roadmap for 2014 I couldn’t help but think about their choices in lens. By all standards, all great choices, and much needed focal lengths for any nascent camera system. All good but at the same time I thought to myself – What about the X-Pro 1? What’s to happen to the premiere X-series camera? Will it be reinvented to something new to accomodate these lenses.

Well, all these inner discussions were what lead me to rethink the X-Pro 1. Coincidentially, right before the lens roadmap was published Fujifilm announced a brand new set of grips for the X-Pro 1 and the X-E series. Hmm, coincidence, I think not, its quite obvious the new grips which have a heftier feel to the grip and have been redesigned to handle these bigger lenses that will be release in the near future although the official Fujifilm word was for the XF 23mm and XF 55-200mm. So what does that spell? Well to me, it must mean that the X-Pro 1 has a bit of more mojo that could perhaps be squeezed in via a few more firmware updates.

So after some thought, I decided it was the right time to get an X-Pro 1. Honestly, now I know why the X-Pro 1 is the premiere camera of the X-series lineup. Folks, if you’re journey with the X-series camera started with the X-E1 or another non OVF X-series body, as it was my case, then I highly recommend you look at the X-Pro 1 for the better body, better handling, and the exquisite hybrid viewfinder (HV) which one has to try first hand, before dismissing it as a gimmick. The HV is amazing. Without it, I could’ve never attempted to grap this shoot. There is simply no way the EVF would’ve held up to speed at which I raised the camera to my eye to frame properly at make the photograph. No way I tell you folks, no way. The OVF proved to be perfect for this type of situation. It was nighttime and the subject was quickly moving away as it was cold last night and the conditions weren’t the best. To top it off, this shot was captured while I was sitting in my car, so it was shot through the front mirror of the car.

So with that said, folks, if you’ve ever thought about getting a Fuji X-series with an OVF either the X-Pro 1 or X100/s then I highly recommend either of these cameras as they will provide an amazing user experience. Set yourselves free and go for it


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  3. Love this photograph Jorge.
    Was it further processed or direct from camera?
    Was grain or any texture added?

    • Jorge Ledesma says

      Thanks Fer, yes the image was further processed to my liking and with some grain as well but no texture.

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