Fuji X100 LE
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Damn Car

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So far so good. The more I play with Aperture the more I fall in love with and its no nonsense approach towards organizing and processing. This love affair has even affected my usage of Photo Mechanics – one less app in the workflow. There is nothing wrong with PM as but I just don’t need at the time. If you’re like St. Thomas, you must see to believe, then don’t take my word for it. Import some gigs into Aperture and import the same amount of gigs into PM and you’ll see how Aperture takes it. What the hell, yup. I’m on a 2013 13′ MBA and its been my experience so far. So there goes that app for me. I’ll keep on my dock but its shifting to another position.

captured with the Fuji X100 LE

Relatedly, I found BorderFx, a free plugin for Aperture, that does just that and also handles watermarks – sweet. Now, if I could upload directly to WordPress, then I would be in heaven but whatever, I export to a folder, upload to the post or media library and have Hazel, automatically delete that folder after a 1 week or whatever time I determine it should be gone. Automating baby, is the name of game, and the more the merrier.

This image is from today while I waited for an oil change. The X100 is dead silent and I basically pulled my normal routine of “its not you but something behind you” and I manage to frame my image to my liking and voila. I’m experimenting with a preset as a baseline which super simple and adjusting the contrast via some curves, adding a simple border and watermark in BorderFX and that’s about it. A pretty clean monochrome convertion which doesn’t add any “special effects”.

Also, I wanted to publicly thank RW Boyer for his tutelage with all things Aperture and for that matter, all things Photography. Thanks buddy this one is for you!


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  2. It goes beyond the capture, you are going deep and explore the possibilities, some how I envy you, but on the other hand admire you as photographer, blogger and experimenting person, gracias.

  3. Beautiful shot Jorge… glad you are enjoying yourself… told you Aperture imports fast…. you can go even faster by shooting RAW+JPEG then importing “both” use JPEG as master and doing ratings/keywords before import even done then switching masters to JPEG (via photo menu or customized keyboard shortcut like I do) for color correct and contrast…



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