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TCL-X100, Some thoughts and more

Photography is all about our vision, its a way of seeing, a way of interpreting, a way to engage with our surroundings. Some of us feel great with 28mm, others with 35mm or 50mm, and yet others with 85mm. These are the four focal lengths that pretty much define the way I see the world in some way, shape, or form.



captured with the Fuji X100S

Personally, I’ve shot all four but I always ended up coming back to the 35mm but with that said I’m now warmed up to the 50mm. Is it a sin to be a multi focal length lover? No, I love the 35mm field of view and I love the 50mm as well, so much so, I ended up getting the X100S and the XF 35mm 1.4R but now I’m rethinking my kit.

The way I see it, my X100S has now become my primary go to camera for pretty much everything; daily shooting, details (macros, the focus of the images below), and environmental portraits. A few weeks ago, I had discarded the new TCL-X100, the upcoming Telephoto Conversion Lens for X100 & X100s but today I’m rethinking it alongside the WCL for the wider 28mm field of view for landscapes and more.

Why? Well, this dual kit would give anyone in a pinch a 28mm, 35mm, and 50mm field of view and that’s not a bad thing. My primary focal length is the 35mm and the others would fill the remaining gap, so not bad for a one camera Fuji kit. So where does that leave your X-Pro 1 and XF 35mm 1.4R? Well, its sitting in my Hubba Hubba Hiney waiting for its next mission which its last one was my father’s recent birthday back on the 27th of February (photoessay forthcoming). Thoughts ruminating up above though, more to come later.

captured with the Fuji X100S in macro mode processed with VSCO Films


  1. I am very curious about this converter as I’d like a longer focal length on my X100s for portraits. Please post more examples and at full resolution if possible.

  2. Rafael García Márquez マドリード says

    Added this photo to their favorites

  3. Hi,
    First of all, I’d like to say that good macro imagery you have posted here.

    I am not clear about one thing though… Your post I thought was about upcoming the TCL-x100 teleconversion adpater for Fufjifilm x100s. It is something that you claim to have discarded (I assume you had access to a pre-production model and you used it before discarding it) . The general title of the image gallery reads as “captured with the fuji x100s in macro mode processed with vsco films”. Have these images been made using the TCL-x100 tele-conversion adapter for x100s?

    • Jorge Ledesma says

      Hello Nishin,

      Thanks for the compliment. These images have not been taken with the upcoming TCL. This posts simply states some thoughts I’ve been having on the formation of kit which currently is the X100S and the X-Pro 1. As a stated in the gallery title . . . captured with . . . I never claimed that these shots have been taken with the TCL. Remember this is my blog, a sort of open ended personal journal on my photography and thoughts, and in no way is a blog relating to reviews etc despite me having made some reviews on some of the gear I use or think its valuable to my vision, and furthermore may help someone out in a similar situation. Will I end up getting the TCL when its released → I think so! Cheers.

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