The whole world seems to be on WordPress. Heck, I’m on WordPress and I’ve been on for as far as I can remember but I’ve always had a little something that’s always irked me and that is the way my images look on my site.

I process and they look great on my monitor, prepare the post, hit publish and voila my images are live and now they don’t look the same. What’s going on here. This has irked me so much that I decided to port Origami over to Squarespace  (this was about 2 months ago) and avoid those pitfalls.

Rewinding a little bit, it’s worth mentioning that I’m a Mac user and I live on Safari for all my internet browsing purposes and that includes looking at websites including my own. So when my images started looking off I decided to finally investigate to see if I could come up with the problem.

At first, I  blamed WordPress’s image compression engine for jpegs and simply attributed the problem to something that was on their side. Fast forward to a couple of days ago and while browsing on the iOS App store I decided to give Opera Mini a try. I had used it before and I quite like it so why not. So far so good, I’m loving the Opera Mini experience and I came upon their sync option which syncs bookmarks with the desktop version.  So on I go to the Safari and download Opera for Mac and I bring up this blog immediately just to see how it looks and oh my God, I couldn’t believe it, my images looked alive. I open up a window in Safari and compare it immediately and to my surprise the differences were astonishing, night and day, 180 degrees apart I tell you. I don’t know what’s up with Safari when it comes images or perhaps its a user preference that I’ve selected, the fact is I don’t really know why, but my eyes weren’t lying to me, the differences were glaring and boom, I exported my bookmarks from Safari and will now happily live in the Opera world.

Amazing, I tell you. I opened Origami as well just to make sure and the images looked great and I couldn’t really see any differences between my blog and Origami, damn I was happy. Anyway, just thought I let the world know in case someone is having the same issues.

I leave you with a recent set of images taken withe the XF 27mm on a trip to BJ’s while shopping for groceries.