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A New Project – My Private Instagram

I have been thoughts about sharing more of my photography and how to go about it. I don’t want to spam this space as ledesmaphotography is all about photography and everything related to this craft. You know the “The Rig”, my essays, my extended thoughts on gear and the rest of the categories you can see on the Archive. But what happens to all those images in my various catalogs that in one way or another don’t fit the above criteria, those single images that by themselves can live on their own. Oh yeah, that’s Instagram where you share your photography and people comment.

Fuji XE2 3254 South Beach Walk092814

Well I didn’t really want that. I wanted a much more intimate space of my own. Some years ago, I had a blog hosted by Pixelpost which I quite enjoyed as it was one image at a time and that’s it. With that in mind, I began to brainstorm which platform would lend itself towards the same style. During that research that I discovered a few, to name one, Koken came to mind but I don’t really use Lightroom I live in Adobe Bridge and Photoshop CC , so hmm, what to do and then I remembered an old beater theme in WordPress and I decided to make it my own and so I have.

Fuji XE2 4734 Miracle Mile Sunday Walk092814

Folks, without further ado, I present you my new private Instagram titled “The Old Fashioned“.

A personal journal published one image at a time titled “The Old Fashioned”. Inspired in part by my favorite cocktail and of course Instagram.



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