Month: September 2016

Flamenco Girl

I’ve had a nice and long hiatus from photographing, enough to put a lot of things perspective which I hope to share on this blog. Jumping forward, the aspect of a digital darkroom is always evolving and we can get so entrenched in our ways, well at least I have with Lightroom, Bridge, and Photoshop so after hearing so much of Capture One I decided to download the trial and give it a spin. I understand the new muscle memories will have to be built in the process but so far I’m quite impressed with C1. Since I don’t have a full blown catalog, I’m processing some old files from various years and so I figured I would get about 150 images from my 40,000 photo library and start playing with a good chunk of these and see how they fare vs Lightroom. Here’s a quick sample from my old Panasonic GF1, it may not be the most technically executed shot but it has a certain something something that just screams in my opinion. And this …

Weekly Collection 1

The Prodigal Son Returns Its a bit funny how things work. After a multitude of cameras ranging from small compacts to full frames the prodigal son returns home and is back on a compact. I’m slowly getting back in the groove of things and I’m not quite comfortable yet but I’m slowly getting my timing in order. I’m not really in hurry and I have not quite committed to a schedule but I aim to follow my friend Wouter’s example. But what I can say, is that I’m having fun again photographing and just strolling along and taking snaps and going through the process of editing my images and pre visualizing once again even if I don’t make images.