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Rekindling the passion

Its kind of interesting how life puts certain stops in ones life and doing something you absolutely love takes the back burner to other important issues. But a passion is a passion and passions never die. The desire to photograph has been with me for these last 2-3 years constantly. I’m always viewing, framing, and doing color palettes in my brain as I scans scenes everywhere, its a very abstract process but one I’m sure its familiar for readers of this space and elsewhere.


Its like if you have a little robot that unconsciously turns its head in a panning direction constantly and just reads the data and makes no judgement, just scanning shapes and light, and forming sketches in my mind, that’s the best way I can describe it. Well, I finally decided to put an end to that robot and kick it up a few notches and rekindle the passion with my beloved Fuji X Series cameras.

DSCF8232 2

Last time I shot Fuji, I was shooting with the great XT1 and the X100S so it was a natural progression to rekindle this love affair with the XT2 and the X100T/TCL Fujifilm X Series. It is what it is, a passion. So with that said, I went on a selling spree and got rid of my Canon full frame kit and went with what I love – Fuji

Images captured with the Fuji X100T & processed in Capture One.
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  1. Thanks for your response. I think the idea of having a good tiny pocketable compact is more about the times I want to go extremely light. No bag. No fuss. But not sacrifice image quality when the mood and opportunity hits to make a photograph. I get why there is such a cult status following with the GR series. Especially for simple one handed operation… and there is something about that Ricoh 28mm optics that is unsurpassed in terms of sharpness and contrasty characteristics. It reminds me of Zeiss glass. Or Leica.

    I also do professional photography and video production as well as personal street photography, and the m/43 system has served me well there… so I’m fairly heavily invested in that system – both Olympus and Panasonic. I pretty much ditched the Canon DSLR a long while back – although still occasionally use it for studio portraits. There is something so unique and pleasing about the Olympus colour science that appeals to me. Plus the in body stabilization is hard to give up for those night-time long exposures, and the weather sealing has benefited me greatly. However, I do see the appeal of the Fuji system and equally drawn to the x100 series… the new x-t30 and x-t3. If I was starting over again today, I would be very seriously considering the Fuji direction. Either way, the best camera is not just the one that’s with you, but also the one that inspires you to go out and make photography 🙂

  2. I came across your older posts about the Ricoh GR. (Great images btw). The GR is a camera I have been fascinated about for a few years now, but never made the move to buy one. I’m thinking of picking up the older GRII now that it is a decent price, yet with the latest release of the GRIII, I feel it is calling my name. I shoot primarily street using micro 4/3, but it’s the pocketability that I’m after… are you still using your GR? Or have you made the move mostly to Fuji? The x100 series is terrific of course, but not exactly pocket friendly.

    • Thanks for the comments. Yes, the GR is a wonderful compact. I loved my time with it [the GR] but ultimately I left it years ago and went the Fujifilm X series route. I found that the X100 series cameras really hit the sweet spot for me. The concept of pocketability is interesting. I always sought out the same thing but after a while I came to the conclusion that it was not all that important for me and I could create the images I wanted with other cameras as well. That said, I found the X100/S/T to be just right in that regard. I started with m/43 as well but when compared to my Fuji bodies I just like the way they handle (exposure triangle). I just recently came back and I’m shooting with the X100T and a Fuji XT2, I find these two get along well.

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