Fuji X-Pro 2
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In the groove

Photographing is an exercise in design. One has to frame, recompose, often time re-shoot the scene and then begins the post processing part, its a design issue, the more I think about it, the more I come to that conclusion. Its inescapable.

Yours truly


  1. For some photographers, the post-processing starts and ends in the camera. For some Fujifilm X photographers, the JPEGs produced by the Film Simulation Presets are “good enough”. I have tried that route, but I still felt a need to make changes to the JPEG. I went back to processing RAF files.

    • Hello Khurt, I hear that loud and clear. I’m experimenting with the Fuji RAW X Studio (I believe its called) where you can manipulate the RAW as you can the JPEG with the settings applied. I believe they call them Fuji Recipes and I’ve got a couple of them which are just to do die for. I’m liking the flexibility. But yeah RAW’s will always be the holy grail for manipulation.

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