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The Fortnightly Review 2 — 2011

These past two weeks have been filled with lots of emotions. First, I said good bye to a friend I only met for a few days – the Olympus EPL2 and secondly I greeted a new one – the Panasonic GF1, admired and coveted by many, and thirdly I got to photograph a small section of Little Havana.   Photography for me is a very emotional craft   If I feel like photographing, which more often than not I do, then its a therapeutic break which I often seek, but if I don’t, then I don’t try to go out just for the sake of photographing but today all engines were running. Just to open, I must say that if you get a chance to visit Miami and you’re a fellow tog, then its a pit stop you must do. From my own personal experience, I can tell you that the culture is not to conducive towards roaming around or better said, veering off Calle Ocho and just going on random photo walk because it …

The Fortnightly Review 1 — 2011

Oops, sorry but I need to get around to uploading these images which broke when I switched from WordPress self hosted to Check back soon, thanks. Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about my photography and where its been, where’s it at, and where its going. To be honest, all these questions sometimes bother me, as its a constant revaluation of the things one has done. But I’m old enough to realize that like all things there is a learning curve which guides you through this path and this is a rite of passage to a better photographic eye which sees more, absorbs more, and thinks more about what’s in his frame. I’d like to think of it as a kind of metamorphosis. So I started to think about how I wanted to document such changes and I thought creating a special project to describe such changes, queries, questions, thoughts, would be apropos and hence today marks the beginning of a new project titled – The Fortnightly Review.