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X Series 04 | 2014

Time flies by. I can’t believe we’re already in mid February with Valentine’s around the corner. This year I’m putting on the apron and I’m cooking an early dinner for us [readers of this blog will surely know Isabel by now]. What to cook? I really don’t know but I’mm thinking churasco which is skirt steak alongside some kind of potato puree but I’m not sure. To be honest, I feel like going lite as we’re heading out to a lounge near our apartment to listen to jazz and have some cocktails. I smell a Valentine’s photo essay coming soon. Cheers.   captured with the Fuji X100 LE   [ngg_images gallery_ids=”5″ number_of_columns=”2″ display_type=”photocrati-nextgen_pro_thumbnail_grid”]

Behind the Shadow of Wisdom

  I told myself this year would be different.  I would be more proactive with my photography and redesign my own path. Is that even possible? Are we so entrenched on gear to have missed the most important aspect of what photography is all about. I think so. Lots of thinking to do but in the mean time I’ll dedicate this picture  to my newly “inspired eye.”   captured with the Fuji X100 LE

Damn Car

  So far so good. The more I play with Aperture the more I fall in love with and its no nonsense approach towards organizing and processing. This love affair has even affected my usage of Photo Mechanics – one less app in the workflow. There is nothing wrong with PM as but I just don’t need at the time. If you’re like St. Thomas, you must see to believe, then don’t take my word for it. Import some gigs into Aperture and import the same amount of gigs into PM and you’ll see how Aperture takes it. What the hell, yup. I’m on a 2013 13′ MBA and its been my experience so far. So there goes that app for me. I’ll keep on my dock but its shifting to another position.

Aperture 3 and X-series: a new beginning

I have been playing with Apple’s Aperture 3 for a few days and and so far I’m very impressed with all the features this digital asset management application currently has that I actually use. Keyword being “use“. I actually started my digital photography adventures with Aperture four years ago but I then got seduced by the bandwagon of photographers that use the defact application of Lightroom. I used LR3 for several years and just recently updated my libraries to LR5 but still something was amiss and that was all the tight integration that Aperture has with its built in tools for editing, sharing, displaying, book creatiion and more.

X Series 03 | 2014

X marks the Spot Its easy to get lost in the all the hoopla of new camera and lens releases. I see the news and read all the posts and for sure its quite interesting and jaw dropping, c’mon who wouldn’t want a new 56mm 1.2 R. But in all that news, one can’t forget what one has. I’ve said before and I’ll say it again the X100LE doesn’t cease to amaze me. The more I shoot with it the more I love it. I have yet to try its high flash sync speeds in the studio but I have a shoot coming soon that I’m sure I’ll get to put it through its paces.

In Stride with the X100

    Everyday I fall more and more in love with my X100 LE. The more I shoot with it and its 35mm focal length, the more I realize its a very special way to view the world.   captured with the Fuji X100 LE | 1/1600, f5.6 ISO 400     Beauty can be seen in all things, seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph – Matt Hardy

X Series 01 | 2014

Welcome to my X Series Project for 2014 shot exclusively with the Fuji X100 LE & Fuji X-Pro 1. This project will serve as a visual journal as it documents my photographic journey in 2014. Its rekindling the love affair with photography and creating that vision, seeing the through mundane and creating something. With that said, it all begins today. I told a friend recently to forget about his doubts about his photography and just concentrate on himself and create for himself and that’s exactly what I plan to do this year with this series. When you think about it there is so much photography all around us from our loved ones, to our surroundings, just about everywhere. Every time I think about this I remember one of my favorite quotes from Ansel Adams: You don’t make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved.” all images captured with …