Veuve Clicquot and Proscuitto at Cibo’s

These are a few shots from my Thursday happy hour outing at Cibo’s in Coral Gables. If you’re down in Miami, then cruise on by to Coral Gables, specifically Miracle Mile. Cibo’s wine selection is amazing and I wholeheartedly recommend it. I had a great time and their proscuitto is delicious and Veuve Clicquot is, well, a party in your mouth ― its my favorite.

Fuji X100s and TCL Teleconverter Lens SOOC Images

Here’s a great collection of images showing what the new TCL can accomplish on the X100s all images captured by Rico Pfirstinger. I must say I’m quite impressed with this image (SOOC Velvia). So now with the new TCL, the X100/S turns into a mini kit of it own along with the WCL making aContinue reading “Fuji X100s and TCL Teleconverter Lens SOOC Images”

TCL-X100, Some thoughts and more

Photography is all about our vision, its a way of seeing, a way of interpreting, a way to engage with our surroundings. Some of us feel great with 28mm, others with 35mm or 50mm, and yet others with 85mm. These are the four focal lengths that pretty much define the way I see the worldContinue reading “TCL-X100, Some thoughts and more”

X100s made for walking

Who’s not over a few pounds from their ideal weight at 40. I mean I use to play collegiate tennis back in circa ’95 but that was many moons ago. These days, I just walk around and make pictures with the best companion one can have on the streets – the Fuji X100s, a camera that was made for walking. Here are a few from a recent walk at Coral Gables including MIracle Mile.