Ricoh GR and DSPTCH Wrist and Sling Strap Review

I love my Ricoh GR and so I want to treat with some nice accessories but they most always enhance the user experience of this great little compact. Straps as you know there are a dime in a dozen as I searched and searched I stumbled upon a manufacturer that seemed to be on pointContinue reading “Ricoh GR and DSPTCH Wrist and Sling Strap Review”

The Billingham Hadley Small Review

Today, I have the great pleasure to review a legendary bag. A bag that will bring back similar memories from the days you use to wear, or perhaps still do, an old favorite pair of jeans. That classic look, you know the type, the type that just matches with everything, it creases on the rightContinue reading “The Billingham Hadley Small Review”

The Ultimate half case for the Ricoh GR by Gariz

When it comes to caring for your loved one, in this case the Ricoh GR, the choices are plentiful but only one truly stands out for their level of workmanship and attention to detail in this range of compact cameras ― the Gariz Ricoh GR half case. When it arrived, I immediately ripped the box openContinue reading “The Ultimate half case for the Ricoh GR by Gariz”

The Best Street (Casual) Photography Bag

When it comes to street (casual) photography one thing is often over looked ― what bag do you have and use? There are a multitude of bags which I suppose are small and fit just about any cameras but I’m not here to talk about the normal bags, I’m here to talk about the “bestContinue reading “The Best Street (Casual) Photography Bag”