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Differences between the Ricoh GRD3 and GRD4

So I’m testing the Ricoh GRD4 and actively thinking what are the appreciable differences between this model and the Ricoh GRD3. By appreciable I mean things that on a day to day basis will make your user experience that much better than the previous model. If you’re a jpeg shooter, then you’ll love the various effects the Ricoh GRD4, two of my favorites being Color Process and Bleach. Those two give you a certain kind of look that is a little bit difficult to get in Lightroom but yet again I don’t think I would shoot RAW and then go through the trouble of trying to make a preset to match those two.

LX5 Macros at the Market

Tomatoes ― LX5 Readers of this blog will know that I just recently acquired yet another compact to fill a void I had encountered with my GRD3. After some thought, I decided that the Lumix LX5 would be the right tool for what I needed. Fast forward a few days and I’m putting the LX5 through its paces and doing what I do with the GRD3 and then some.

Canon 50mm 1.8 MK1

Abstract ― Into the Light Having once owned the Canon 50mm 1.8 II(MK2) a few months I still remember how its build quality left a lot to be desired. Grant it, its a cheap lens at an average price of $115 or so but what’s undeniable is its sharpness. So after researching a bit, I soon discovered there was a Canon 50mm 1.8 MK1 version which dates back 20 years or so. I got to looking around and for a little less than $200 I found a wonderful copy from a photographer who had a few copies. Immediately you notice quite a few differences from the MK2 version which doesn’t have any following: metal mount distance scale nice manual focus ring Autofocus speed versus the MK2 version is about the same, if there are any differences I didn’t notice any, its quite fast as it is and I’m satisfied. Where the MK1 version truly shines and I think its value well worth it, is in the way the lens handles. Manual focus is no longer …