Pentax K5 IIs: 100mm 2.8 WR Macro Sample

There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered ― Nelson Mandela Isn’t that something huh, often times we photograph the same places, the same faces, and although those themes may be unchanged or appear not to have changed, only then do weContinue reading “Pentax K5 IIs: 100mm 2.8 WR Macro Sample”

Pentax K5 IIS: Point of View

I recently discovered the work of the great Yousef Karsh and this particular quote immediately struck my attention. Compromise sometimes must be the stuff of which pictures are made   Wise words indeed. When you think about it further this is so true. If not the focal length you have, its the iso performance ofContinue reading “Pentax K5 IIS: Point of View”

The Intimacy of a Viewfinder

There is something magical with framing your images with viewfinder. I can’t really describe the feeling other than saying that its somehow more of an intimate experience and more personal. I don’t know why but its certainly different. I just had to press the shutter the last few days and frame images via a viewfinderContinue reading “The Intimacy of a Viewfinder”

True Grain rekindles the glory of film

When I processed film  back in circa ’94 printing some those frames was almost like a magical experience. These days now in digital getting the correct film grain has been kind of a hit and miss with certain applications. As usual some work better than others, but in my opinion True Grain is in aContinue reading “True Grain rekindles the glory of film”

Pentax K5 IIs: Creative Work is about choosing

The Danish film director Joergen Leth says “All creative work is about choosing: That word on the first line of the poem, that frame that opens the movie, that tone that sets off the symphony.” And as photographers we could add to that “the framing of an image.” So ladies and gentlemen choose wisely. Cheers.