Pentax K5 IIs: Street Photography, a word or two

This is a response to a few emails I’ve received in the past few weeks. The question can be summarized in the following statement: What’s your style of street photography, your subjects don’t seem to know they are your subjects and what techniques are you using. Well, let me try to elucidate a few pointsContinue reading “Pentax K5 IIs: Street Photography, a word or two”

Pentax K5 IIs: America the Resilient

The United States has historically been a nation with great resilience being this one of its greatest national strengths. It is this resilience that will help the recent victims of the great state of Oklahoma. Bouncing back after a natural disaster is no easy task but with the help from our fellow Americans and theContinue reading “Pentax K5 IIs: America the Resilient”

Meeting Dale

When it comes to street photography there are many choices out in today’s market. Remember there is no right or wrong. These cameras are just tools towards fulfilling our vision. Today, I took the Pentax K5 IIs to the streets of Downtown Miami where there are a multitude of worthy photographic scenes. The K5 performedContinue reading “Meeting Dale”

The Ricoh GR and the Pentax K5 IIS a synergy at its best

The Ricoh GR is undoubtedly the world’s premiere aps-c compact camera. In my humble opinion, nothing comes close because this little black jewel is a total package.  Remember, these types of scenarios are subjective but I believe I can quantitatively make the case for my assertion. What happens when a company has the vision toContinue reading “The Ricoh GR and the Pentax K5 IIS a synergy at its best”