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Perspective 06

Nice to meet you . . . Creating a rapport with other photographers is a definitely a great thing and I would also include ― very healthy. Now, let’s go to a real conversation that ensuing between a couple of my friends and I. Recently my friend Don Springer aka Streetshooter had this to say: Many of my friends are writing on their blogs and in forums etc that it’s the shooter and not the camera. Well, not to be argumentative but I probably am as my wife definitely thinks so….. all the time. See the camera is much more important then most realize.

Perspective 05

Shutter Addiction What do addicts of anything need ? Therapy, isn’t that right, well, that’s exactly what I needed these past few days ― a sort of shutter therapy, a walk my camera just capturing the sense of the city, in this case Coral Gables with all its dichotomies and contrasts. More to come soon . . .        

Perspective 04

I’m an Artist Do you ever think of yourself as an artist ? I do, I always have. Ever since I first touched that Canon F100 back in the summer of 1994 as I started my formal training back in college the thoughts of creating have always been there. Recently, I’ve been having a set of conversations with a very dear friend of mine about our journey in this medium and really what makes us come alive. I believe wholeheartedly that I must always examine where I’ve been, where I am, and where I want to be in order to improve and grow as an artist.     Note, how I didn’t mention my photography. Photography for me its just a mean to represent my art and vision into world. Do I love it ? Hell yeah, I wouldn’t know what to do without. It completes me as a person as it makes everything just more interesting. My big theme is always celebrating life and that deep connections that we create with another human being …

Perspective 03

Have you ever created your images before you actually snap the shutter. I do and I totally recommend you do it as an exercise. We are constantly photographing in our minds, registering, analyzing, sizing, redrawing, and imagining. Exercising your vision provides for a whole new perspective and the point of this whole project for me. I’m trying to see things in a new light, new lines, and blurs. When things are blurry sometimes they ironically become clearer, almost like a deja vu in some sort of abstract way.   All images by Jorge Ledesma and the Nikon 50mm 1.8G

Perspectives: 01

I’ve been listening to the Chase Jarvis Audiocast lately. In a recent cast with Vince Laforet, Chase was mentioning the word “ethos” and him and Vince were going back and forth on this theme and it resonated with my own ethos. I wrote some time ago that photography: is a vision, its viewing through a glass and coming face to face with your surroundings, your life, your family, and life vicissitudes It is this same feeling that permeates this new project. Rekindling the love affair, daring to do what I’ve never done, even what my seem cliche, it doesn’t matter, the only thing that matters is creating that vision, seeing the through mundane and creating something. Welcome to my new project ― Perspectives. All photographs by Jorge Ledesma