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As the consummate student of this great craft, I purchased Ming Thein’s Introduction to Photoshop Workflow DVD($60). A review is forthcoming. Some of you out there may have had the same expectations as I had, so I think its useful to share my opinion. In the meantime, I used some of the techniques I learned on the video to process this Ricoh GR image, but stay tuned for a more in depth review of this dvd this coming in August. On other news, I’m slowly setting up my portfolio and galleries with The Turning Gate software and you’ll soon get a screen grab on how its coming along.

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True Grain rekindles the glory of film

When I processed film  back in circa ’94 printing some those frames was almost like a magical experience. These days now in digital getting the correct film grain has been kind of a hit and miss with certain applications. As usual some work better than others, but in my opinion True Grain is in a class of its own.  At the suggestion of one my readers I downloaded “True Grain” from Grubbasoftware and I couldn’t be happier. Keep in mind that True Grain’s “raison d’etre” is as they mention on their own site to: accurately recapture the aesthetics of particular film stocks—including “lost” films—while retaining an all-digital workflow. The attention to detail of this application is simply outstanding ― a full review is forthcoming in the next few weeks. Is it better than Silver Efex? I like it better. How does it compare to VSCO Films grain feature? It was nice meeting you VSCO, see you around. I’ve processed about 10 images already and I’m blown away with the results. The application is affordable, allows you to …

Differences between the Ricoh GRD3 and GRD4

So I’m testing the Ricoh GRD4 and actively thinking what are the appreciable differences between this model and the Ricoh GRD3. By appreciable I mean things that on a day to day basis will make your user experience that much better than the previous model. If you’re a jpeg shooter, then you’ll love the various effects the Ricoh GRD4, two of my favorites being Color Process and Bleach. Those two give you a certain kind of look that is a little bit difficult to get in Lightroom but yet again I don’t think I would shoot RAW and then go through the trouble of trying to make a preset to match those two.

A Photographers Digital Library

From Instapaper to Pocket + I’m starting 2013 with a new tech app on my smart phone, tablet, and various computers. For all last year, I used Instapaper and I was generally quite happy ― it just worked fine. The iOS and Android application worked just as expected. I was an avid user of Instapaper’s folders and saving things to particular folders but I hated the fact that I needed to clog my Safari bar with various folders ie. Folder A, Folder B, Folder C, etc, you get the idea. Fast forward to 1/1/2013 and in comes Pocket + to the rescue with their killer Safari bookmarklet that has the ability to add tags on the fly thus making Instapaper instantly game over and Pocket + coming in for an NBA dunk and winning the game big time. It’s not a super revolutionary move but more like a side stepping evolution of what I wished Instapaper would have been. So long live Pocket + give it a try, you may be quite surprised, in a …

BW vs Color, Decisions

When it comes to developing certain frames sometimes I’m not sure whether to go BW or Color. So here’s another exercise in processing. Personally, I like both of course, but my heart is usually on the BW. What do you think? To give you guys a perspective on how I did these. First, I went through Lightroom 3 and did some basic adjustments. What adjustments? 1. The first thing I do is adjust White Balance. A funky WB will give you different looks which may not necessarily be wrong but certain looks have certain looks as they say. 2. Adjust the black, I usually bump up a little bit of clarity and vibrance, and then set a tone curve. 3. Usually, I stop at step 2 but for these I hop on over to my Photoshop replacement app called Pixelmator(Mac Only) and did some basic retouching. My goal with retouching is always to have the subject look as natural as possible. Yes, that’s really her. She’s a beauty. So, tough choices sometimes but in the …

Annie Leibovitz Rolling Stones Photography

Annie Leibovitz Rolling Stones Photography

Every time I listen to the Stones, my favorite band of all time, I just get the jitters and I get all happy because I remember my UMASS days like they were yesterday (if you ever read this, thanks Pincho, this legacy is all you). Here’s a video and image which absolutely rock and its all Annie of course. Have a great weekend folks. I don’t know exactly when I’ll publish my Week 41 post but it shouldn’t go past Sunday.    

Olympus Pen Digital Monotone and Face Recognition

I’m in the middle of customizing my equipment and trying out features and seeing what works and what doesn’t, something I didn’t really do when I had the more updated Olympus E-PL2 (shame on me I know). The Olympus Pen digital cameras (as a lot of other cameras as well with mixed results) have a feature which shifts autofocus to your subjects’ face. I turned on the Super Control Panel which Olympus cameras have hidden by default and now Face Recognition is now easily accesible. These two shots were taken in my usual Street Photography style and holding the camera a la Daido Moriyama. In my opinion, despite the E-PL1 being a few years old this feature is very reliable and works better than my old Panasonic GF1, G1, and G2. I presume that as you move up in the Pen digital series the autofocus is probably faster and as accurate.