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Weekly Roundup

Just catching up with my twitter and feedly stream this week and I’ve found a few golden nuts. First, an amazing interview of X Photographer, Kevin Mullins, by Focal that’s a must read. Second, one of my favorite photographers Jim Radcliffe just got a hold of his new camera, the Fuji X-E2, and as usual his results are outstanding. Warning prepare to be amazed. If number one and two wasn’t enough for you, then watch out for number three. Folks, Patrick LaRoque (another X photographer) has produced an ebook titled 1Eye, Roaming, which highlights the beginning of his journey with the famed Fuji X100 and how things changed after that experience. How do you like them apples ah, pretty sweet if you ask me. And lastly, Damien Lovegrove is at it again he also got a hold of a Fuji X-E2 and has done some wonderful work in the studio with it. So there you have it folks, a few nuggets to carry you through the “Thanksgiving” holiday.