Versailles Cuban Cuisine

So the other day, I went with a group to have lunch and being raised in Miami and having had Cuban food all the time [my fiancee is Cuban] I decided to venture out and go for something new. While perusing the menu, something struck my eye ― an Angus burger. Say what. That’s exactly what came to mind at that moment, an Angus burger, ok I thought, who knows, maybe its done well here. Gee, little did I know I was in for a surprise.

Confession, I’m a huge burger fanatic and I’ll go at lengths to find an awesome burger just about anywhere. Ok, so here I am kind of pumped and intrigue with an Angus burger at Versailles. The waiter takes our order and I said happily said “I’ll take the Angus burger.” Immediately, the waiter fumbled and literally mumbled something in half spoken English which I understood to be hamburger. At that precise moment I knew the waiter didn’t speak English. Shit, I told myself, did he get it right? So, rebutted in Spanish that I wanted the Angus burger and he was like “yes, yes, for sure, excellent choice.” You know that reassuring type, appeasing your desire until there’s no tomorrow ― that type. Double shit, so I’m thinking, I hope this guys “fudge” my order man! I had eary feeling in my gut something was wrong the moment he step away.

Fifteen minutes pass by and in comes the crappiest burger I’ve ever ever ever seen. Literally, go to any supermarket in the United States and buy a pack of burger bun bread and a pack of frozen burgers, put some crappy wannabe Romaine lettuce and some weird tomatoes and that was what eyes were looking it. A total disappointed. Being somewhat shy about the whole thing, I decided to eat half of it, thus confirming my previous statement ― what a crappy burger. I was about to explain to the waiter to call the manager but I figured I’d just leave with out a fuss and swore never to eat a burger at a Cuban restaurant. You’ve been warned.