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Meeting Dale

Posted on June 8, 2013

When it comes to street photography there are many choices out in today’s market. Remember there is no right or wrong. These cameras are just tools towards fulfilling our vision. Today, I took the Pentax K5 IIs to the streets of Downtown Miami where there are a multitude of worthy photographic scenes. The K5 performed flawlessly. The fact that it doesn’t have a Anti Alias filter I think brings a lot to the table. Images are sharp, crisp, and in my opinion, they have that full frame look, you know, that richness of the frame. Pentax got it right with the K5 IIS, the buttons are perfectly laid out, the grip is very ergonomic and just feels great despite this camera weighing in a…

Little Girl

Posted on March 4, 2013

I’ve been of the grid again but still taking picture almost daily but not publishing as I’ve been exploring lenses, styles, and light. Here’s one from yesterday that I felt a huge connection. I don’t know something about this little girl and her innocence that is so precious. As adults we must always strive to maintain a child’s innocence as long as possible. Their formative years are certainly a very special time. Seeing them grow and develop into young adults and eventually creating their own lives with their own families. Life, its history in the making. Cheers everyone.