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In the groove

Photographing is an exercise in design. One has to frame, recompose, often time re-shoot the scene and then begins the post processing part, its a design issue, the more I think about it, the more I come to that conclusion. Its inescapable. Yours truly

Copa del Rey Penya Barecelonista Doral

I belong to a futbol Penya that supports the FC Barcelona Futbol Club here in Miami. A bunch of fans get together at a local bar in Coral Gables and basically get rowdy. Of course, the favorite beer of the house is Estrella Damm and after three, four, five, or six here’s the result. Yup, Barca lost yet again. No Triplete, No Doblete, just “La Liga”. All images taken with the Fuji X-Pro 2 and XF 35mm F2 WR with a new tone curve I created with Fuji X RAW Studio and a slight split tone in LR for homogeneity. I must say its got me smitten all the way.  Relatedly, I have some thoughts of ownership between the Fuji XT2 and the X100F (yeah I know I’m late to party but who cares).

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The ties that bind

From the archives 2011 and just submitted to the Miami Street Photography Festival 2016 competition “You’re stuck with me forever, Michie, get used to it. It’s the ties that bind, darlin’, the ties that bind.” — Jim Marshall Has it ever happened to you. You’re staring at one of your images and you absolutely fall in love with it. You feel you’ve captured that idyllic moment in just one click. Well, this is one of those frames for me.

Micro Four Thirds experiences and conclusions

I recently tweeted that I had a few conclusions based on my experiences with the Micro Four Thirds cameras after having tried a few of their most notable ones. Interestingly, Wouter Brandsma also chimed in immediately on twitter with his own conclusion as well. The truth of the matter is that they are quite capable of many things, let me explain further. Beginning My journey with the Micro 4/3 started with the classic Panasonic G1 the camera that introduced this form factor to the world. Prior to Micro Four Thirds, it was and it still exists Four Thirds. Which as the name implies with the former, they’re a smaller form factor cameras with similar sensors. The G1 was incredible camera with lots of qualities which I quite enjoyed and in the end it had its purpose but my photography drifted into a faster type of style which demanded a smaller size. Before going any further, let’s get this out right from the beginning without getting into little details and all out photo geekery. With the exception …