Interviews: Tog Series

Welcome to Togs Series – an interview series with unique photographers who’s vision and photographic prowess is truly delightful and inspiring.

To take a quote from William Albert Allard:

You’ve got to push yourself harder. You’ve got to start looking for pictures nobody else could take. You’ve got to take the tools you have and probe deeper.

It is exactly these characteristics that emanate from these photographers and the goal here is to “probe deeper” and examine the reasoning and philosophies that drive these great storytellers


Wouter Brandsma, Stroll Photographer, Netherlands

Wouter Brandsma

I write this introduction straight from the heart, no editing, no preformed thoughts, just pure heart felt words. Wouter Brandsma is one of the best things that have happened to my photography so it is with great pride and I feel lucky to call him a friend. Not only a friend but a teacher and a source of inspiration. As many of you know Wouter is a Stroll Photographer who documents his surrounding with an amazing eye which pierces through the lens and captures indelible images that leave us thinking, wanting more, asking questions, and in the end deeply enthralled in his view. Wouter Brandsma epitomizes what can be done with dedication, deep thought to one’s imagery, and off course a compact camera. So it is a great honor to have Wouter join the Togs Series. Ladies and gentlemen without further ado, I present you Wouter Brandsma, Stroll Photographer from the Netherlands.

Zun Lee, Urban Street Photographer, New York

Every once in a while something truly special happens. It can be an encounter with an old friend, a chat with your special loved one, or perhaps meeting someone new. Well, I had such a moment a few months ago when I discovered the work of Zun Lee over on Flickr. I’ve perused a multitude of streams and some have left me in awe but yet others have left an indelible impression on me — such is the power behind the images of Zun Lee. Folks, today Tog Series is proud to inaugurate with an amazing street photographer — Zun Lee.

Michael Martin, Street Photographer, New York

“It speaks to one’s mastery of the instrument and technical prowess when one no longer has to comment on those aspects of an image. Superb technique is a given with Michael. His camera and know-how gets out of his way to produce poignant street stories with acute vision yet kindness for his subjects.” These are the words of another great photographer named Zun Lee and for me its hard to come up with better words. Togs Series is proud to continue on its mission to bring forth amazing photographers. Without further ado, I present to you Michael Martin aka Lempkin.