Hi, I’m Jorge and welcome to my visual stream of consciousness.


A visual chronicle that explores the essence of quotidian photography. Of those things that often go unnoticed and without realizing it are part of our personal history. It is here that this journal seeks to develop, capturing those ephemeral moments that through their accumulation build our indelible memories. 

Favorite Quote

Daido Moriyama

It says . . .

For me, photography is not a means by which to create beautiful art, but a unique way of encountering genuine reality.

And that’s exactly what photography is for me, its a vision, its viewing through a glass and coming face to face with your surroundings, your life, your family, and life vicissitudes in general regardless of what gear you use. I just happen to use Fujilm gear. I’ve tried others, even various full frames but nothing comes close to the feeling that I get from shooting with Fuji’s.


Selected by Pentax-Ricoh Imaging to promote the campaign of the new APS-C Ricoh GR back in 2013. I am humbled and honored that my images graced the banner of the advertising campaign that launched the iconic and mythical GR.

The upcoming documentary “In the Shadow of 911” One of my images got selected to be part of the documentary. Stay tuned the documentary will be aired worldwide in September 2021

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I hope you enjoy your visit, find something interesting, and perhaps come by often and say hello. Cheers!

— Jorge Ledesma

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