Ricoh GR Review

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Ricoh GR Review

First photographer in the United States to receive the Ricoh GR. Welcome to a page dedicated to the new Ricoh GR, a sort of central hub you can say of all things relating to the newly released aps-c sensor Ricoh GR. I’ll be updating this page frequently with all aspects of a user based review, so bookmark this page, follow me on twitter, and stay tuned for more.

My images gracing the banner of the official campaign launched in 2013, I’m not only proud but humbled I got selected among the thousands of GR users.

Also make sure you join the Facebook Ricoh Gr User Group which I’m one of the admins.

Instruction Manual

All Languages download here or for English version click here.


  1. Erika Eve says

    Hello Jorge. I have a Ricoh GR and I am hoping you may help with very close up photos. Or If there is an article previous that may help. many thanks erika.

  2. jill dobkin says

    New to this site. Hust purchased the Ricoh GR. Just getting use to the basics. Question relates to the app that lets me download directly to my ipad mini. Serms its very flaky. Cant seem to get it to work consistently. So now Ive had to download to my computer and that’s not ideal for lots of reasons but especially when I’m traveling. Any suggestions on what to do?
    Thanks. Jill dobkin
    Ps Also, I love street photography so any tips using my GR would be most appreciated.

  3. Jorge, I’ve recently bought myself a Ricoh GR (and started a photography course). Your site is invaluable. Any plans to review the wide angle converter? Cheers, Ben.

      • Ok cheers Jorge. Just as thought as it’s something I may buy. In the meantime I have plenty to learn and I’m enjoying reading all your GR posts. Thanks!

  4. gs68100 says

    -I own a “Ricoh GR” and I am very very happy! I saw that there was a red ring! can I order?

  5. I almost never write remarks, but I read a few of the remarks
    here Ricoh GR Review | Ledesma Photography. I do have 2 questions for you if it’s allright. Is it only me or do a few of these responses look like they are left by brain dead folks? 😛 And, if you are posting on other online social sites, I’d like to keep up with everything new you have to post.
    Would you make a list of the complete urls of your social sites
    like your Facebook page, twitter feed, or linkedin profile?

    • Hello, thanks for chiming in, this site is the central hub of all my opinions, so you’re in the right place, its all here so feel free to dig into the archives. I don’t post on FB. My Twitter feed is on the sidebar and bottom of the site on the right, and I don’t use Linkedin.

  6. Ray Rainbird says

    Hi Jorge great website put the final nail in the coffin for me regarding the GR have just ordered one cant wait to get my hands on it will be a great companion to my Pentax K5.Your street shot are great hope to get similar results once GR arrives.

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  8. Nice site Jorge, good idea too to have a micro site dedicated to a specific camera for Ricoh GAS sufferers like me 🙂

    • Thanks Miguel, yeah it makes it much easier for people to find the content they want. Cheers, yes GAS, I hate it but I do sometimes suffer from it. I’m hoping with this combination I’m gass-less. 🙂

  9. Jacob says


    Great site. Do you have any info on using an external viewfinder on these? A lot of different brands should work on the GR?

      • Jacob says

        I have the IV but for that one the external finders are not ideal due to the different aspect ratio if I understood correctly.m

        • Yup, you’re correct I’ll most likely get the Voigtlander 28mm and the 35mm as well. My friend, Wouter Brandsma, highly recommends the 28mm and its got parallax correction and its good up to 3 meters and for street photography that’s plenty good.

        • Why should an optical viewfinder not be ideal for the IV? I have used the Ricoh GV1 viewfinder on my GRD3 that comes with 4:3 aspect ratio. Later I switched to the Voigtländer 28mm VF since I actually prefer the 3:2 aspect ratio. And the Voigtländer VF is a perfect match too for the GR.

  10. Jorge, this is a great microsite. You should create a link where visitors can post their pics.

    • Thanks so much! I thought it about it but WordPress doesn’t lend itself to well for that but I’ll look into it. Your not the first to suggest that.

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