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Cuba Diary #1

Time flew, it was a short flight of only 40 minutes from Miami and in a blink of an eye we arrived in Boyero, Cuba (location of the Jose Marti Airport). From here we took a cab to La Habana, Cuba’s capital city, and the adventures began. At first, it was a huge culture shock but then I quickly realized just how special La Habana really is. La Habana is a beautiful city trapped in a time capsule but nonetheless it exudes a unique beauty that in my opinion can only be appreciated with your own eyes. Its for sure a one of the “must see” cities in the world.

Letter to GR

I just wanted to write a few words to tell you how I feel. I know its a bit soon but I can hardly contain the joy you bring to my life. I’ve dated many others and even fallen in love once or twice, but for some reason I feel this time is different. You’ve brought purpose and happiness to my life and work. I think about you all the time, when I’m not with you I feel a little something in heart ― I miss you. You’ve come to me at the right stage in my life and for that I want to tell you “thank you.” I promise to respect you, care for you, and always be by your side ― I love you GR. All photographs by Jorge Ledesma ― Ricoh GR ― Cross Process and BW effects in macro mode mostly, click images to view gallery.

Micro Four Thirds experiences and conclusions

I recently tweeted that I had a few conclusions based on my experiences with the Micro Four Thirds cameras after having tried a few of their most notable ones. Interestingly, Wouter Brandsma also chimed in immediately on twitter with his own conclusion as well. The truth of the matter is that they are quite capable of many things, let me explain further. Beginning My journey with the Micro 4/3 started with the classic Panasonic G1 the camera that introduced this form factor to the world. Prior to Micro Four Thirds, it was and it still exists Four Thirds. Which as the name implies with the former, they’re a smaller form factor cameras with similar sensors. The G1 was incredible camera with lots of qualities which I quite enjoyed and in the end it had its purpose but my photography drifted into a faster type of style which demanded a smaller size. Before going any further, let’s get this out right from the beginning without getting into little details and all out photo geekery. With the exception …