The City Walker

I’m a huge fan of Zack Arias’s work and his philosophy on photography. I’ve watched his One Light series dvd a number times and I still learn every time I watch it. I don’t remember exactly where I heard Zack says the following quote (paraphrased) but he said “every time I get a new lens I shoot hell out of it to learn it in and out.

German Luxury meets the Fuji XE1

Photo walks for me are a must. If I don’t press the shutter in a couple of days, I start having withdrawal symptoms, and to be honest, pressing the shutter on the Fuji XE1 is to much fun. I got a black soft button which fits like a glove from an Ebay vendor and I can wholeheartedly recommend you add one to your Fuji X cameras, its such a better tactile feeling. Here are a few from yesterday afternoon while walking in the Gables.