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Practicing Wedding Portraits

Readers of this blog will know that I recently got engaged with Isabel a few weeks ago. So as a photographer (enthusiast) I’m always thinking of possible venues to have some great sshots. I took my camera and my lenses and I had a quick photo session and I discovered a few things that I will later elucidate on a longer post but suffice it to say that practice makes perfect, actually like one my professors use to say “perfect practice makes perfect.”


Canon 450D & 40mm Pancake     I’ve been asked to shoot (alongside my brother) a wedding this coming December and I thought it was proper for me to practice the kind of documentary type of wedding photography I envision and I like photographing. Here’s a sample of a recent shoot I had in Key Biscayne, Florida. For post processing I ended up going with VSCO Films and Pixelmater (my Adobe Photoshop replacement). Stay tuned tomorrow for my next weekly installment. Have a great weekend folks and thanks for stopping by.