Month: April 2013

Stop Measuring yourself

Stop measuring yourself with other photographers. Just go out and do your thing. I’m pretty sure your work is quite good. Believe in yourself, your current camera is just fine. As citizens of humanity we are constantly bombarded with what’s suppose to be the latest and greatest. With the plethora of choices our brains go into this weird mode and sometimes it takes the best of us and of course ― our wallets. In the end, its just a tool, a means to an end, use what you have and be happy.

Differences between the Ricoh GRD3 and GRD4

So I’m testing the Ricoh GRD4 and actively thinking what are the appreciable differences between this model and the Ricoh GRD3. By appreciable I mean things that on a day to day basis will make your user experience that much better than the previous model. If you’re a jpeg shooter, then you’ll love the various effects the Ricoh GRD4, two of my favorites being Color Process and Bleach. Those two give you a certain kind of look that is a little bit difficult to get in Lightroom but yet again I don’t think I would shoot RAW and then go through the trouble of trying to make a preset to match those two.

The Mystical Ricoh GR

Once upon a time there was a camera called Ricoh GR1 which emobodied the spirit of adventure, seeking new grounds, new light, new images, and new eyes immortalized by the Japanese legend Daido Moriyama. Fast forward to present day and we now have the Ricoh GR ― meet your eyes.  


When I take photographs, my body inevitably enters a trancelike state. Briskly weaving my way through the avenues, every cell in my body becomes as sensitive as radar, responsive to the life of the streets… If I were to give it words, I would say: “I have no choice… I have to shoot this… I can’t leave this place for another’s eyes… I have to shoot it… I have no choice.” An endless, murmuring refrain.

― Daido Moriyama