Thoughts on the X100F vs X100S

Upon my return to photography I quickly scooped up a Graphite XT2 which totally blew away and X100T. I shot both for about a month and an opportunity arose to do an even trade for an X-Pro 2 and I quickly scooped that one and along the way I sold the X100T and picked upContinue reading “Thoughts on the X100F vs X100S”

Leica X1 a new journey

Followers of this space know I’ve been on an extended hiatus for quite a while – a year plus but I’ve been pondering the megapixel marathon all that time playing with my Lightroom library (40K) and processing a few hundred images from the multitude of cameras (31 total) I’ve owned over the last 7 years.Continue reading “Leica X1 a new journey”

Season Greetings | Fuji XF 35MM F/2 R WR

Well it’s official, the holiday season has begun and with that all the ornaments are starting to resurface around the house. The Christmas tree is out, somehow this year with less decorative balls and less lights but still gallantly hanging in there.

Adobe Bridge and Photoshop Workflow

So if you follow this blog you’ll know I’m a huge fan of Photomechanic’s very impressive feature set. When it comes to culling and setting up a solid folder structure Photomechanic is the industry standard and over that last year I’ve been able to confirm this. Import you card/s and let Photomechanic’s do the rest.Continue reading “Adobe Bridge and Photoshop Workflow”

Cullman Magic II Review and the Fuji X100/s

Cullman Magic II ― when Innovation meets Design, the ultimate travel tripod for Fuji X Series Cameras. It is rare to have products completely transform an aspect of your photography. Sometimes, its a lens that we fall in love, we absolutely love the bokeh, other times its a camera in and of itself very muchContinue reading “Cullman Magic II Review and the Fuji X100/s”