Month: January 2013

Remembering Small Compacts

I’ve always had a soft spot for small compact cameras. They are relatively ubiquitous in nature and quite lovely to handle. I guess what I’m saying is that I miss them. Here is a quick collection I sprung up from my Lightroom library. Are you a compact shooters and have any experiences to share, do tell please.

Rekindling an old love affair

When I think of street photography today, I feel a certain sense of nostalgia. I miss it and the same time I don’t. Its certainly one interesting dichotomy which ruminates upstairs all the time. Sometimes I tell myself, ” go out and shoot some,” but sometimes that zeal is not there. I think about it but the images don’t come to my mind. I see scenes but I just don’t feel them. Its complicated. At any rate, these afternoon I went for a walk in the [Coral] Gables and I was able to capture this frame. Long live street photography a mix of many genres wrapped into one.

Perspectives: a new weekly project for 2013

Thinking and thinking more about last year I can’t help but that there is so much more to explore, tweak, express, and then some. January is almost over but we still have another 11 months so mine will start in February hoping to rekindle that enthusiasm and expressiveness I think I was able to capture in some posts in 2012. The overall theme will be about new perspectives in my photography, learning to see(which is something that never ends), and honing of what I know and hope to learn this 2013. Its difficult to truck on, shoot, develop, share, but I’m setting aside some specific times to do just that. Also, I hope to finish my long, long, overdue Ricoh GRD 3 review which has been in the draft mode for about a year and half.

Hands On : The Fuji X100s

Articles and hands on experiences with the new Fuji X100s are starting pop and here’s a great one. I think it I would buy a Fuji camera it would be this one. The great sensor from the XPro-1 wrapped up in the gorgeous body of the X100. Perfect match anyone. In July 2011 I purchased the Fujifilm X100 camera. I was struck by the liberty offered by such a small yet powerful camera. Coming from a full frame DSLR setup I have to confess the initial months were a love hate relationship. I loved the stunning image quality while hating the focus accuracy of the initial release. Fujifilm quickly addressed the frustrations with a series of firmware updates that catapulted the X100 camera to the fore of my photography habit. Like many I found the X100 offer a photographic experience that developed my skills as a photographer, rather than rattling off a series a shot I learned to be more thoughtful and controlled making each shot matter. < p>Continue read here ― Hands On : …

1800 Seconds

Its what’s missing from my schedule ― seconds, minutes, and hours. We have 60 seconds a minutes and 60 minutes in an hour and 24 hours a day. All I need is a 1800 seconds and I’m sure I’ll be ok for my therapeutic dose of viewing through the lens. It may not seem like much but when you really think about it, I’m working on 1/250 second often times. 1/250 second to make some happen, to capture a moment time, or to record a vision. But sometimes I just don’t make time and that fraction of a second seems like days and months.