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Mastin Labs, Kodak Everyday Styles Capture One

Mastin Labs Kodak Everyday Original Styles for Capture One

Posted on April 18, 2019

When it comes to preset family these days there are a multitude of sets available in the online market. There are those for wedding work, those for studio work, those for lifestyle and those for this & that but how about for other styles and my style which I call “quotidian photography”? I think these work out just fine. When it comes to a set of presets that always seem to catapult themselves to the top some of us may have heard of Mastin Labs especially Lightroom users but now Mastin has joined the ranks of Capture One as well. What makes a group of preset work so well? Well, it goes without saying that the ease of use and the way these preset match their purpoted look to classic films and by extension that iconic era. Recently, I had the good fortune to try out Mastin Lab’s new presets for Capture One called Kodak Everyday Original and I must say I’m very pleased with the results of this set.


I love how easy they are to implement and to tweak to ones desire. People should know that presets serve as a starting point (due Jorge everyone knows that), call them a template to where you eventually want to end up and Mastin Lab’s Kodak Everyday Original delivers in spades here with their debut in Capture One.

The set includes the following composed of a classic triumvirate of film emulations:

Spring is in the air

Posted on April 7, 2019

Getting back in the groove. It’s not easy, it’s actually quite hard getting the hang of it all over again. It’s kind off like a mechanic that knows how to fix the car but is a bit slow in getting everything tune up the right way, he’s confident he can get the job done but it’s going to be a couple of hours. Anyway, a few frames to keep the warm up going and getting my fingers used to it again.



All frames shot with the X100T and processed in Capture One

Rekindling the passion

Posted on April 3, 2019

Its kind of interesting how life puts certain stops in ones life and doing something you absolutely love takes the back burner to other important issues. But a passion is a passion and passions never die. The desire to photograph has been with me for these last 2-3 years constantly. I’m always viewing, framing, and doing color palettes in my brain as I scans scenes everywhere, its a very abstract process but one I’m sure its familiar for readers of this space and elsewhere.


Its like if you have a little robot that unconsciously turns its head in a panning direction constantly and just reads the data and makes no judgement, just scanning shapes and light, and forming sketches in my mind, that’s the best way I can describe it. Well, I finally decided to put an end to that robot and kick it up a few notches and rekindle the passion with my beloved Fuji X Series cameras.

DSCF8232 2

Last time I shot Fuji, I was shooting with the great XT1 and the X100S so it was a natural progression to rekindle this love affair with the XT2 and the X100T/TCL Fujifilm X Series. It is what it is, a passion. So with that said, I went on a selling spree and got rid of my Canon full frame kit and went with what I love – Fuji

Images captured with the Fuji X100T & processed in Capture One.

Weekly Collection 7

Posted on April 27, 2017

Finding Randomness

Every so often you have major realizations photographically speaking. These realizations can take days, weeks, months, and even years. In this particular case, its taken me 7 years. After 7 years of photographing I finally realized that my camera doesn’t much matter. I was looking at my Lightroom collections and picked a few from various camera sensors – small 1/7, m43, apsc, and full frame and guess what.