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Snaps II

If you see something that moves you, and then snap it, you keep a moment ― Linda McCartney Yes, its as simple as that. Sometimes we over analyzed our photography to an extreme that can be paralyzing to our creativity. Forget that, pick up whatever camera you have on hand and simply enjoy your snaps. I’m telling you they’re so therapeutic, not all photography needs to be street photography, fine art, long exposure, portrait, or whatever. Just snap it. Personally, if I don’t press the shutter of a camera in 48 hours, I swear its a nerve wrecking environment. So in the meantime, I’m enjoying this new series ― “Snaps”.  


For no other reason than to move my body today I went out for a stroll, nothing in mind just strolling and taking some snaps. Today, I used the Ricoh GRD4 with the image setting of Bleach Bypass which is also included on the Ricoh GR. I can’t help but think how this type of photography will change with that camera. These reflect more or less my mood at that time ― crossed, confused, locked, uncertain, and just wondering what’s coming. Do you take snaps ?