Month: February 2013

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Photography with Intention

Reading Why What Works from Michael Reichmann Why do some photographs succeeded and some not? Indeed, what makes a good photograph? Why are some worth looking at, thinking about, admiring or even hating? Why do some (most?) not even merit a second glance? Are there rules, and who makes the rules? Then, if there are rules – who even cares? Isn’t it enough to just do one’s thing?

Perspectives: 01

I’ve been listening to the Chase Jarvis Audiocast lately. In a recent cast with Vince Laforet, Chase was mentioning the word “ethos” and him and Vince were going back and forth on this theme and it resonated with my own ethos. I wrote some time ago that photography: is a vision, its viewing through a glass and coming face to face with your surroundings, your life, your family, and life vicissitudes It is this same feeling that permeates this new project. Rekindling the love affair, daring to do what I’ve never done, even what my seem cliche, it doesn’t matter, the only thing that matters is creating that vision, seeing the through mundane and creating something. Welcome to my new project ― Perspectives. All photographs by Jorge Ledesma

Times is on my side

I suppose I’m a little behind this whole mobile photography movement. I’m now beginning to explore the capabilities of a 5 megapixel smartphone camera and I thought I wouldn’t say this but I’m quite [happily] surprised. I’m in the process of setting up a workflow but so far I’m using Snapseed and Little Photo. Could this this photographic avenue quench my thirst for a small compact? I still don’t know but I do like the fact the smartphone is always with me and that’s a huge plus.