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Missing You

Missing someone who care deeply for is a warming feeling. My better half just went abroad to visit her parents for a whole 18 days and I’m left here missing her like crazy. Here’s a recent image of her from the Coral Gables fair a few weeks ago. I live to make her smile. See you soon “Osi”.    

Praying Arms Wide Open

Once again life brings forth yet another example of why need to celebrate life at every moment in our path through this earth. A very close relative of mine was just diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia. I told him I love him dearly and I’m waiting for him and his family to arrive from Miami so they can begin treatment here. Photographically speaking I needed to make a picture desperately. I just needed to and this little flower on my yard was the best symbol of hope and light that I came upon. Seek your images, your images everywhere folks.