Year: 2011

Happy New Year Togs

To all my readers old and new, I wish you a very Happy New Year filled with what I think is the most important thing — health. Everything else comes and goes, but our health and the health of our loved ones is something we always need. On the photography side of things keep experimenting with your photography, dare to be different, explore, re think old methods and make of 2012 truly a delightful year. If I have but one tip, I must say its to shorten your gear list and focus on that one or two cameras which you’ll use to create your images and take those through it paces and really know your gear. In the end, I’m sure it will yield outstanding results and will make a better photographer. See you next year and I hope you accompany me in my new photographic project inspired by my friend Wouter Brandsma — Weekly Project 2012. Keep shooting Togs, Jorge

The Daido Effect

We are all inspired by something or someone. I certainly remember my first exposure to photography back in 1994 when I took a few photography classes including the “history of photography“. I’ll never forget the text we used “Looking at Photographs” by John Szarkowski. The book had all the greats. Then early last year, my love affair with this craft got rekindled in the digital world. I began to photograph digitally and the rest is history as they say. I then discovered Daido Moriyama and he quickly became an idol for me. He’s use of a small compact to document his surroundings was not only visually stimulating but also philosophically as well. A small camera is unobtrusive and barely noticeable by people, if anything, you’ll pass by as a tourist photographer who’s just happy to be there(wherever you happen to be).

Venturing to Change

Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change. — Jim Rohn And that’s exactly how I feel about my photography. As the year 2011 comes to an end, a new year is almost upon us and the word “change” resonates more than ever. I’m primarily a street photographer who uses the black and white canvas but admire tremendously the close inter-relationships that colors possess. This change has prompted me to think outside the box, think creatively, and explore new roads, hence my recent post of my Weekly Project 2012 that’s forth coming along with a new blog redesign to focus on what’s most important — the photography itself. So for 2012 are you taking any new roads with your photography?

Week 0 | 2012

Changes are always full of surprises and doubts. In my case, I’ve been toying with this idea for some months now and what better time to execute it than a new year. In anticipation for what’s coming in 2012, mainly a reduction of time for yours truly, and with the inspiration of some of my favorite togs – Wouter Brandsma and Josh White. I’m doing what will only give me more time to shoot & process and engage with various photographic projects I’d like to begin and finish. So with that said, I’m porting over my site over to the land of blogs whilst keeping my domain and redirecting the old urls to the new ones. In practice, its not as hard as I had originally envisioned. A few technicalities involved ie. Permalink structure and off course a good house cleaning to start the new year fresh. But more importantly the relaxing feeling that there is minimal maintenance involved. Gone are the days of updating your WP installation and watching to see if anything …

Everything’s Art

In a way I liked it. I was reminded of a scene from Daido Moriyama’s documentary. Diary of a Stray Dog. He was walking through a part of Tokyo that looked seemingly deserted. He seemed at home there. He photographed what he saw. Everything’s art, everything’s a memory. Josh White

The ties that bind

You’re stuck with me forever, Michie, get used to it. It’s the ties that bind, darlin’, the ties that bind.   — Jim Marshall     Has it ever happened to you. You’re staring at one of your images and you absolutely fall in love with it. You feel you’ve captured that idyllic moment in just one click. Well, this is one of those frames for me.