Continuing my series on Urban Portraits, I must really tell you all the story. Well, its not really a story but a brief anecdote. As I strolled thru the streets of Downtown I suddenly saw her and I knew it was a matter of maybe 10 seconds and our paths were going to cross for that split moment.

I was ready though, my main street slugger so far, the ricoh was born ready(snap mode). She had a strong gaze and I knew I wanted it a unique “point of view” so I chose to go with the Daido style of shooting but this time, I adapted to this particular situation.

I cross my hands, camera on the right hand, and I snapped the frame and just when I snapped, she told me to “Mama see you”.

"Mama see you" Ricoh GRD III

Lesson of the story. Sometime one tries to be a ninja but it doesn’t always work but photography often times doesn’t give another shot, its one shot, one kill type of mentality but more like one click, one frame, its just seconds at most.

So have you guys been in a position which you tried to be on stealth mode but got picked off, but still got the shot or perhaps you missed it. I’d love to know share you anecdote in the comments.