Weekly Project 2012
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Week 0 | 2012

Changes are always full of surprises and doubts. In my case, I’ve been toying with this idea for some months now and what better time to execute it than a new year.

In anticipation for what’s coming in 2012, mainly a reduction of time for yours truly, and with the inspiration of some of my favorite togs – Wouter Brandsma and Josh White. I’m doing what will only give me more time to shoot & process and engage with various photographic projects I’d like to begin and finish. So with that said, I’m porting over my site over to the land of WordPress.com blogs whilst keeping my domain and redirecting the old urls to the new ones.

Lines & Patterns — GF1, Olympus 17mm

In practice, its not as hard as I had originally envisioned. A few technicalities involved ie. Permalink structure and off course a good house cleaning to start the new year fresh. But more importantly the relaxing feeling that there is minimal maintenance involved. Gone are the days of updating your WP installation and watching to see if anything broke, gosh I hate that. Plus the same thing went for plugins, you see when your site is heavily customized underneath the hood, any major disaster is possible with a simple click. I simply got too drained to keep up and off course my focus shifted mainly to photography, so a custom design is less important for me these days.

So I’m starting the year with fresh ideas, projects, and goals I’d like to accomplish. Photography is not an easy task to continually do it. Pressing that shutter just for the sake of pressing it, usually leads to boredom and crappy frames very fast.

So what’s coming, well . . .

Shadows and Smoke — GF1, Olympus 50mm

I use to publish a series titled “The Fortnightly Review“(archive link for historical purposes – here) which never really grew the type of wings I really wanted to. My vision was to chronicle my photographic adventures: vision, philosophy, and just a direct connection into my photographic mind on a bi-weekly basis but I soon realized that time frame was a bit much, to sparsed away, and thoughts that were once on my mind and ready to be shared soon began to be forgotten.

Colombian Woman — GF1, Olympus 17mm

So what’s one to do. Well, re-analyze and re-draw and hence a new beginning with this series which I’ll now just simply call Week 1 | 2012, an idea borrowed from my fellow tog – Wouter Brandsma and the original inspiration ‘The Fortnightly Review’. Since zero precedes the number one, I ‘ll wrap the year with a Week 0 | 2012 as a prelude to what’s coming. The goal once again is for the reader and viewer to have insights into a photographic mind and be an open book. I know at times things will be difficult and emotions will be down but its my goal to carry this idea all year round.

Lost Sneakers — GF1, Olympus 17mm

Here’s to 2012, happy holidays, and if you see some posts which don’t really seem right or the images are missing or not full width, please bare with me, as I’m working on all these changes starting with the Togs Series.

– Jorge Ledesma


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  2. Agree with Wouter, it’s all a journey dude! Keep up the work you’re doing and find your niche 🙂 Only great things ahead!

  3. I am really curious Jorge. It can be challenging to make photographs without being event-driven, but also very rewarding when you succeed. Be ready to endure the hard times, so you appreciate the better times even more.

    • Jorge says

      Thanks Wouter. The more I shoot, the more I begin see other photographic possibilities. I can only imagine how tough it will be as the weeks go by and other responsibilities begin to amount but I remain hopeful and vigilant to the fact it will most definitely be an uphill battle at times and other times, I’ll see the light shine through. Thanks for opening up the comments and here’s to what lies ahead in 2012.

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