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Street Tog Realizations

Walking by streets one can certainly get some funny faces. I’m being facetious off course. Some folks get angry and some folks don’t know how to really react. You can see it on their faces if they’re the subject of my frame or not, you can sense their ambivalence, its quite humorous actually.

Walking — Panasonic GF1, Olympus 17mm

Today, I came to the realization that folks seem a lot less on guard if you have a small compact(could be a m43 like a GF1/EP1 or a Ricoh GRD/LX3 type of camera) hanging from your neck as oppose to having my camera from a wrist strap and then pulling it up. I not sure if its the whole motion of bringing up the camera but something definitely happens when you bring it up, as oppose to clicking the shutter from your chest or a slight manipulation from there. I could be wrong but these are just my initial impressions as I pretty much always shoot with camera attached to a wrist strap.

Yeah Man — Panasonic GF1, Olympus 17mm

Have you experienced something similar in your style of shooting?


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    • Jorge Ledesma says

      Yes, that definitely helps, although sometimes that doesn’t even matter and one just has to be stealth.

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