Articles and hands on experiences with the new Fuji X100s are starting pop and here’s a great one. I think it I would buy a Fuji camera it would be this one. The great sensor from the XPro-1 wrapped up in the gorgeous body of the X100. Perfect match anyone.

Fujix100s review, hands on, first impressions

In July 2011 I purchased the Fujifilm X100 camera. I was struck by the liberty offered by such a small yet powerful camera. Coming from a full frame DSLR setup I have to confess the initial months were a love hate relationship. I loved the stunning image quality while hating the focus accuracy of the initial release.

Fujifilm quickly addressed the frustrations with a series of firmware updates that catapulted the X100 camera to the fore of my photography habit. Like many I found the X100 offer a photographic experience that developed my skills as a photographer, rather than rattling off a series a shot I learned to be more thoughtful and controlled making each shot matter.


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