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Little Havana nice to see you again

Documentary photography is one of my favorite photography genres. Masters like Henri Cartier-Bresson, Walker Evans, Dorothea Lange, and Sebastio Salgado have always been an inspiration. In 1994 I began my journey in this craft. The scent of fixer, D76, and Ilford paper were a constant reminder of those days. Developing and printing(reprinting) until the sun came out happened way to many to times enumerate, but what’s certain is that all those experiences have left an indelible mark and more importantly now, all that has been ported over to my digital world.

Here’s a photoessay from a few weeks ago as I embark on new journeys with the Ricoh GR as my primary documentary tool these days.

All photographs by Jorge Ledesma ― Ricoh GR ― click on the images to view large


  1. unshuttable says

    Sweet stuff, great work. Thanks for sharing, just inspired me to do keep up with a project about my neighbourhood that I started some months ago and I had to put aside because I was too bussy working …

    • Thank you Pat. Trust me this “barrio” is handful. Good ole Tri-X gotta love it. I’m hopping over to your site now.

      • Thanks for the visit – the comment and the background info – I was stationed in Homestead back in 67-68 and use to love walking around that part of the city – my Colombian/ Ecuadorian side use to love the food, the coffee and the conversations… wonderful memories of those days from your set – Gracias!!

        • Thanks for sharing that Pat. Homestead ah, nice. I found out that somewhere in Homestead there is an abandoned Military base which you have to walk 5 miles to get in. To my surprise there is still a rocket back from the Cuban Missile crisis days. I’m dying to go and document that site.

          • If you do watch out for the snakes – pygmy rattlers small and not very ominous looking but they have a nasty bite so take a snake bite kit!! Not far from Cutler Ridge there use to be an old abandoned dirigible field that was fun to explore – doubt it’s still there any more than likely another shopping mall by now….

          • Thanks, I’ll see if I find one of the bookmarks I saved so you can see it for yourself, its quite interesting. Snakes, ah man, we definitely don’t get along very well. Hmm, I’m not that adventurous then, I also heard they have some giant lizards that roam around as well.

          • USAF survival training in The Everglades – they drop you out of a helicopter with a few essential items and if you paid attention in class – you make it out ok after 4 to 5 days before they send someone in to find you… so where do I end up after all this.. Korea in the dead of winter tanks to the Pueblo but it was better than the alternative 😉 BTW snake tastes like chicken – never saw giant lizards but did see some alligators in the wild that I stayed clear of …

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